Aaron Persh is an inventor, story-teller, day-dreamer, and crafter of curiosity. Reveling in the hunt for new worlds and new tales to tell, he satiates his love through illustration, cooking, and any new hobby he may be directed in. With wide-eyed curiosity, the world is inspiration, and all he asks is you humor his pursuit of it.

Historia Brevis

Aaron began his journey with sketches and cartoons alike. Pulling from the vast world of art that already existed around him, he sought to add his voice to the intrepid caravan of creative history. With a bachelor's in Psychology and Illustration, Aaron massed his pool of experience and knowledge to further his craft that began to bloom in 2012 with his involvement with the school radio station. After that, commission, projects, and collaborations alike began to fill his life and his inbox. Having traveled the world many a time in his young age, now he seeks to travel the world of art.   

With questions and comments alike please feel free to contact me:
EMAIL: aaronpersh@gmail.com