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Unexpected Boon

“…I was..I was stunned. She just came up, which was honestly the second oddest thing I had about noticed. But, frankly, her uncorking a beer for me was definitely the first…”

My Hotel's Bigger.jpg

My Hotel’s Bigger

“…The merger was a success. The Most Exotic Excursion of the Atlantean Empire and The Grand Gold Lōgguī were destined for fortunes unattainable to the imagination of the common man. However, over multiple twin glasses of champagne bottled 1876, it wasn’t long before the CEO’s were already placing bets on their new toys…”


Senior Portrait 2019

-Just wanted do something a little 1600’s~ peasant this, and a little old-magic that.


A Campfire Like Any

“…someone just cleared this whole place out! The grass! The Grounds! All Clear! And logs laid out in fine rows indeed! I’ll just set one aflame. Just to keep the creatures of the night away…”


Spoils of the Goblinmaid

“…oh, how I love their gold-bellied galleons, their glimmering regalia, and their struggles mired in gluttony…but most of all, I do SO love how clumsy they are…”


Vargaxian Cola Advertisement

“…Now I’m not one to turn down a Vargaxian’s suggestions in the matters of cuisine, but to put one’s faith into a species whom decorate their bodies in all manners of disease and pestilence for matters of vanity should be cautious and stole their faith before they take that…leap…”